Our Purpose

Open up individual potential
through rewarding work

First Door
to society
Various Doors
for individual

Doors are Opportunities

New Job

Spirit Expressed by
Our Purpose

Just as each individual has a different way of thinking about happiness,
We believe that rewarding work for workers is also diverse.

Our role is to create many doors to open up possibilities and a milestone
toward a rewarding work for each employee.

We support the workers to open the doors.
-For some people,
the challenge to a new job.
-For some people,
to improve their skills in training.
-For some people,
the time to consult future careers.

We believe that people will always grow and drive the society forward
when they open the next door.
We will increase the number of people who open the door to the next
to make society more diverse and prosperous.

We the BeNext-Yumeshin Group exists to create such a future.

How We Achieve
Our Purpose

Our Purpose Index is a set of indicators to assess the degree to which we have achieved our purpose
and provide a quantitative assessment of how extensive this achievement is.
We believe that making progress on the Purpose Index scores
and expanding our business go hand-in-hand in driving the sustainable growth of corporate value.
The Group's progress on the Purpose Index will be shared on this website.

Purpose Index 1Number of Employees


To measure progress made on the Group's purpose, the number of Group employees working at client companies is used as one of the Purpose Index indicators. Under the medium-term management plan "BY25," the Group aims to have 30,000 employees working at client companies in Japan by the end of June 2025.

Purpose Index 2Job Placement Opportunities


The number of opportunities for people to find a new job (one of the "doors" shown in the purpose concept illustration) is important for attaining the Group's purpose. As a way to measure progress made on the Group's purpose, the Purpose Index includes the cumulative number of "doors opened" (opportunities provided) to work at client companies provided by the Group, up until the end of the BY25 plan period (June 30, 2025).

Purpose Index 3Career Advancement


In order to achieve the Group's purpose, employees need to seize the opportunities (one of the "doors" shown in the purpose concept illustration) provided by the Group. These opportunities allow them to grow and gain experience and acquire the necessary abilities to succeed. Therefore, another indicator for the Purpose Index is the cumulative number of Group engineers in Japan who reach the middle level as certified by the Group.

Purpose Index 4Retention Rate


Under the purpose, leaving a job for the next growth opportunity is also a necessary step for employees (one of the "doors" shown in the purpose concept illustration). Although we strive to improve the retention rate through long-term employment, a high retention rate is not always preferable for achieving the Group's purpose. One of the components of the Purpose Index is the retention rate improvement for each fiscal year, with "retained" employees including the number of job leavers (or transferees) who are hired by client firms based on positive evaluation of their work.

Purpose Index 5Engagement


To promote the purpose, the Group believes it is important for employees to have rewarding work. Since the main business of the Group companies is dispatching workers, employee engagement is ascertained based on satisfaction with not only the company each employee belongs to, but also with their individual workplace companies and the support system. Therefore, the overall level of employee engagement improvement is also one of the indicators of the Purpose Index.
The relevant scores are mostly calculated using engagement surveys, based on whether employees would recommend their Group companies to others, whether they are satisfied with their career consultations, and whether they are continuing to provide useful survey responses (positive attitude).

BY25 -- A Medium-Term Management Plan
Designed to Fulfill Our Purpose

We have formulated the BeNext-Yumeshin Group medium-term management plan, "BY25," to fulfill our purpose.
The plan covers the four-year period from fiscal 2022 to 2025 (July 2021 - June 2025).

Medium-Term Management Plan