Corporate Version of the Hometown Tax Donation System

The Group supports the objectives of the corporate version of the hometown tax donation system,* and we are involved in this as one of our efforts to help achieve the SDGs. The Group's policy is to provide contributions to ongoing regional revitalization projects instead of projects with one-year timeframes. We will continue to expand our participation in regional revitalization projects that will help us achieve our purpose and vision.

As the first step in the corporate version of the hometown tax donation system, our group company BeNEXT Technologies Inc. has been providing the corporate version of the hometown tax donation for Takizawa City in Iwate Prefecture since fiscal 2019. Although many local governments have been authorized for regional revitalization projects, we decided to donate to the regional revitalization project of Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture for the following reasons.

  • The project is closely associated with our main business activity, as it relates to job creation and HR development
  • Takizawa City's philosophy on HR development matches our purpose
  • The project aims to utilize and promote education of cutting-edge technologies such as IT as a way to develop human resources

* Corporate version of the hometown tax donation system: A system that allows a corporate tax deduction when a company makes a donation to a local government regional revitalization project that has been authorized by the government.

Implementation of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Projects

BeNEXT Technologies Inc., a Group company, has been deepening its collaboration with Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture through the corporate version of the hometown tax donation system. In October 2020, the company established "BeNEXT Lab Takizawa," a laboratory in the Takizawa IPU Innovation Center set up by Takizawa City and Iwate Prefectural University to promote industry-academia-government collaboration. Five engineers openly recruited from within the Group have relocated to Takizawa City, where they are contributing to regional revitalization through the development of IT human resources by serving as instructors in a website creation course designed to teach students IT skills and help them with future employment.

Scene from the website production course under the HR development program
The person in the red jacket is one of our IT engineers

We will continue expanding our involvement in HR development for local human resources in Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture and Iwate Prefectural University and in open innovation in technology.

Support to Increase the Autonomy of Persons with Disabilities

The meaning of the Group's existence is to support each working individual's efforts to reach their potential. Since 2018, we have been supporting the drama recitals and stage productions of AVENIR Co., Ltd., a company established to support persons with disabilities as they discover and succeed in careers as professional entertainers, which is a philosophy we believe in.

Drama recital in 2018
Drama recital in 2019

Supporting Sports in the U.K.

Gap Personnel Holdings Ltd., a Group company, sponsored the 2020 UEFA Grassroots Programme,* co-funded by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and the Football Association of Wales (FA Wales) for 3 years from 2018 until 2020.

* 2020 UEFA Grassroots Programme: Co-sponsorship of a football academy for children ages 7-19, provision of 5-year football scholarships to local universities, and activities originating in the idea of creating an environment in which people of all ages, genders, physiques, looks, levels, nationalities, religions, and races can enjoy playing football.

Footballers from the Connahʼs Quay Nomads Football Club

Gap Personnel Employee Social Contribution Activities

In Europe, there is a high level of civic awareness and many people are committed to participating in social contribution activities. Staff members of the U.K.-based group company Gap Personnel Holdings Limited define goals and challenges within the company and participate in social contribution activities. These include a wide range of activities such as participating in charity marathons like the London Marathon and New York City Marathon, participating in charity activities involving climbing a mountain higher than 3,000 feet in less than 24 hours, and fundraising to raise awareness about economic inequality by participating in sleepouts.

Children in Need Costume Competition (raised £723)
Participated in Walk All Over Cancer to support cancer research in the UK