Environmental policy

We set out and comply with this basic policy for the work performance of all Officers and Employees of the Company and Group companies, with the aim of promoting sustainable development while contributing to the preservation of the global environment through each and every business activity, at all times giving due consideration to impact on the natural environment and biodiversity.

1. Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations

We comply with environment-related laws and regulations that promote preservation of the global environment.

2. Mitigation of environmental load

Recognizing that greenhouse gas emissions (which are considered to be a cause of climate change) and impacts on water resources do result from business activities, we strive to control them appropriately, thereby contributing to environmental load mitigation.

3. Preservation of biodiversity

We give consideration to the preservation of biodiversity, recognizing that biodiversity could be affected by the procurement of goods and their use in the course of our business.

4. Actions

We encourage the conservation of resources and energy such as paper, electricity, and gasoline, promote waste reduction and the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), and strive for sustainable procurement and resource use, such as the selection of environment-friendly goods.

5. Education

We promote awareness-raising and educational activities for preservation of the environment, and strive to heighten awareness and increase the effectiveness of environmental preservation actions.

6. Promotion of business continuity

We maintain systems to manage risks from the impact of changes in the business environment, while monitoring these efforts, being on guard for future risks, and making strategic advances. To accomplish these aims, we conduct internal audits and ensure supervision by the Board of Directors.

Initiatives for coexisting with the environment

Theme Initiatives
Global warming Appropriate management of energy use

We monitor the two types of CO2 emissions below and endeavor to have our energy use optimally adapted to the scale of our businesses.

  • CO2 emitted from electricity use in the office
  • CO2 emitted from gasoline use
Modal shift

By reducing the number of company cars and distance covered for sales and recruitment activities, we strive to use trains*1 and other public transportation that produce lower carbon emissions. We further reduce our CO2 emissions by controlling the amount of travel to the office by encouraging remote working and direct commuting.

Office performance

We contribute to the lowering of CO2 emissions by making selections based on environmental performance at our headquarters located in the big cities and other large-scale offices.

Forest preservation Using environmentally-friendly products

We contribute to environmental preservation by purchasing FSC-certified*2 paper, reducing the purchase of plastic items, and taking environmental impacts into account when selecting printer ink and printing paper.

Environmental protection Reducing the use of paper and recycling paper waste*3

By promoting DX, we reduce the amount of paper used per person in our business activities. We collect used paper generated in our offices, manage information related to waste, and process our own paper waste. Our paper waste serves as the main material for pulp that is turned into recycled paper. This recycled paper will be used to create promotional materials such as name cards and calendars. By doing so, we reduce waste and reuse precious resources.

  • Used paper collected in 2020: Approximately 5t

*Moving forward, we will reduce the use of paper, collect 10t of used paper every year (management of information related to waste), and record the rate of paper recycling. These data will be made publicly available.

*1 Carbon emissions from trains are said to be one-eighth of that from cars.

*2 FSC is an international certification system dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world's forests.

*3 The paper recycling activities at Our Group are carried out by our employees with disabilities. The artificial flowers that decorate our offices are also recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner.