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Corporate version of the Hometown Tax

Faced with rapid population decrease and extreme population aging, the government in 2014 positioned regional revitalization as one of the most important policy issues. To address this issue, the government formulated the Comprehensive Strategy to Revitalize Towns, People, and Work and implemented various measures aiming to maintain a vibrant Japanese society in the future. One of these measures is the Regional Revitalization Tax System (corporate version of the Hometown Tax).

The corporate version of the Hometown Tax is a mechanism that allows corporate tax deduction when a company makes a donation to regional revitalization projects organized by regional public organizations that are recognized by the government.

Our Group fully agrees with the purpose of this policy and has been donating to Takizawa City in Iwate Prefecture since 2019 as one of our initiatives to promote the SDGs.

There are various recognized projects by many regional public organizations. Based on the following justifications, our Group decided to donate to the Regional Revitalization Project of Takizawa City in Iwate Prefecture.

  • The project is closely associated with Our Group's main business activity, as it relates to job creation and HR development
  • Takizawa City's philosophy on HR development matches with Our Group's purpose
  • The project aims to utilize and promote education of cutting-edge technologies such as IT as a way to develop human resources

Our Group's policy is to provide continuous contributions to regional revitalization projects instead of projects with one-year timeframes. We will continue to expand our participation in regional revitalization projects that will help us achieve our Purpose and Vision.

*More information on the corporate version of the Hometown Tax: General website of the Cabinet Office

Contributing to regional revitalization through HR development in IT

Since we started implementing the corporate version of the Hometown Tax in Takizawa City in Iwate Prefecture in 2019, we have been sending engineers to "BeNEXT Lab Takizawa", an innovation center set up through a public-private collaboration between Takizawa City and Iwate Prefectural University. One of the activities of the innovation center is supporting the city's regional revitalization projects. In 2020, under the "Project to Develop Takizawa's Human Resources through Cutting Edge Training and Linking Youth to Businesses", we sent an IT engineer from our Group to give lectures at a website creation course organized to teach students IT skills and to help them with future employment.

During a website creation course under the HR development program
The person in the red jacket is an IT engineer from Our Group

Moving forward, we will continue to expand our involvement in HR development initiatives in Takizawa City in Iwate Prefecture as well as in activities in human resources development and technological open innovation at Iwate Prefectural University.

*The Hometown Tax implementation by Takizawa City in Iwate Prefecture is a unique example nationwide and is featured on the Cabinet Office's website
The Cabinet Office's website on regional revitalization
Please refer to "Case studies of the corporate version of the Hometown Tax system - Unique examples nationwide (published in March, 2021)"