Human rights

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Our Group's important resources for value creation are our employees. We believe that respecting human rights is the fundamental to realizing the potential of our employees. In our international society, initiatives that encourage the respect of human rights including among our business partners are a requirement, and in this regard, we recognize our important social responsibility as a group providing HR-related services. Below are some of our current efforts. We will continue to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to further strengthen these efforts to promote the respect of human rights.

Recruitment of foreign nationals

In Japan, we strive to prevent participation in child or forced labor by having clear recruitment standards and management methods such as only recruiting foreign nationals that come from partners fully complying with the relevant laws and regulations. We do thorough checks on the type of work, type of visa, and their validity periods of our workers at partner companies.
In addition, we organize Japanese lessons and provide support for life in Japan for our foreign employees to ensure that they have a good working environment.

Occupational safety and health

At our operating companies in Japan, compliance meetings are held every month and partner companies are encouraged to improve their work environments in relation to the prevention of long working hours and health hazards in unsafe working environments. If these are not improved, strict measures are taken, such as contract termination.

At our operating companies in Japan, we conduct safety and health trainings to improve working environments and prevent occupational accidents.

We monitor and manage the rate of regular health checkups to ensure that illnesses are detected and treated early and health risks are properly managed.


A harassment consultation desk is set up by the General Affairs Department at our headquarters, and employees can use the helpline system to report any harassment incidents.

Privacy protection

We protect personal information by implementing privacy protection, establishing personal information management systems for persons in charge of operations and the department in charge, and through the cooperation of the relevant departments of each group company.