Hiring Persons with Disabilities

SDGs goals related to

  • 15. LIFE ON LAND

Our Group promotes the employment of people with disabilities and strives to provide working environments adapted for persons with disabilities. As a group, we collectively work hard to support the autonomy of persons with disabilities and the creation of an inclusive society, both of which are goals under the Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities. Our Group's main domestic operating companies have the following ratio of employees with disabilities. The rates exceed 2.3%, which is the rate stipulated by the Revised Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities dated 1st March, 2021.

Ratio of employees with disabilities

  • Yumeshin Holdings Co.,Ltd.:
    2.6% (as of June 2021)
  • Yume Technology Co., Ltd.:
    2.3% (as of June 2021)
  • Six companies including BeNEXT Technologies Inc.:
    2.6% (as of May 2021)

Our Group's mission is to enable each and every person to reach their potential through fulfilling work. When hiring persons with disabilities, we do not focus solely on increasing the number of employees. We regard disabilities as a type of diversity, and as a Group, we work together to maintain and increase the number of employees with disabilities and to improve our working environments. We have worked on growing our special subsidiary company* which focuses on business operations that can further expand and enhance the abilities and skills of employees with disabilities.

Our special subsidiary company "BeNEXT With Inc." currently has three business departments. All of these were started for the purpose of contributing to society through providing work that make the most of the design skills and manual dexterity of our employees. Employee training upon arrival is tailored to each person's capabilities. Our employees also receive support and guidance to improve their skills and abilities while on the job. The promotion and expansion of the stationery business that contributes to paper recycling and artificial flower-making that creates durable office greenery is made possible through the improvement of skills and abilities of our staff with disabilities. Through these actions, we promote environmentally-friendly actions while at the same time, improve job satisfaction of our staff with disabilities.

*Special subsidiary company: Subsidiary company recognized under the Law Concerning Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities. The company must meet certain requirements such as the number of people with disabilities employed and their ratio to all employees.


◆Our special subsidiary company BeNEXT With Inc. is Monisu-certified. Monisu certification is a certification of small and medium-sized enterprises excelling in the employment of persons with disabilities.

Monisu certification system (Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare homepage)

Working environments

Our Company also focuses on creating working environments conducive for our employees with disabilities, both physically and mentally. Our work spaces enable each employee with disabilities to improve their skills and abilities according to the degree of disability, the pace of work, and the type of work they are good at.

Encouraging remote working

Depending on the level of disability and job description, remote working arrangements are applied for employees who can perform their work from home.

Office design incorporating physical considerations

Work rooms on the ground floor of the Minami Hashimoto Office are designed to be barrier-free environments. They are spacious to allow employees with disabilities to work and move around easily and are equipped with a multipurpose toilet.
The work rooms on the first floor are designed with safety in mind and equipped with hanging power outlets. There is no wiring or steps on the floor so staff do not easily trip and fall.

Work room ramp
The work room on the ground floor has a ramp to create a barrier-free environment.
(Minami Hashimoto Office)
Barrier-free toilet
Our toilets are spacious and equipped with handrails, making them easy for anyone to use.
(Minami Hashimoto Office)
Hanging power sockets
The work rooms on the second floor have no wiring or steps on the floor. All power outlets are hung from the ceiling.
(Minami Hashimoto Office)
Safety doors
Even if one accidentally slams doors shut during work, the doors close gently and safely.
(Minami Hashimoto Office)

Office designed for better mental health

Break rooms are set up at specific locations for employees to relax and rest in the event of sudden illness or emotional issues.
We ensure that care is provided to our employees so they can work with peace of mind. Counselors are stationed at the Yokohama and Yotsuya satellites and individual sessions with employees are scheduled every month. As needed, employees with disabilities can also schedule individual sessions.

Refresh Room
A safe and comfortable space where staff can take a break to reset their mood and physical conditions.
(Minami Hashimoto Office)
Consultation room / Break room
1The consultation room / break room on the ground floor has a sofa bed for employees to rest when they are not feeling well.
(Minami Hashimoto Office)
Cafe Space
The forest-themed wallpaper creates a relaxing space for staff members.
(Yokohama Satellite)
Counselling Room
A counselor is stationed here to provide individual mental care to each staff member.
(Yotsuya Satelllite)